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A Red and White Train

A Red and White Train

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An Engine Car and 2 box cars painted red and white. All the cats have peppermint candy with a tree in the middle.  I did spray the candy with clear spray paint and there is a felt circle underneath each piece.  The front car has Santa sitting on a bench and a Christmas tree behind him.  On top of the engine car is Santa, Frosty, Rudolph around a Christmas tree.  On the back of the front car is a Santa on the top and a pair of skis underneath.  

The second car is white and red with silver in between the colors.  It has children playing in the snow and 2 candy canes on the back of the car.  

The last car is painted backwards from the one in front of it.  It has Santa with a bag of toys and stocking.  Santa and 3 snowmen are standing around the Christmas tree and a white snowflake is on the back.

The total length is 25" long but I used pipe cleaners to connect the cars so it can be moved to different positions.

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